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Range Description

Dymacare Continence Care Range consists of a high-quality moist 5 in 1 continence care wipes and flushable wipes. Designed for bedridden hospital and care home patients as well as people with reduced mobility who suffer from incontinence. It allows the carer to cleanse a patient without the need for questionable tap water and basins, rinsing, and toweling. Designed for a single-patient use, it reduces the risk of cross-contamination. Our 5 in 1 continence care wipes have added barrier cream to protect a vulnerable patient’s skin as well as offer antibacterial protection. Dymacare flushable wipes can be flushed directly into the toilet.

Dymacare Continence Care Range is a quick and effective cleansing method, which can save time, is easy to follow and can reduce bathing costs significantly.

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