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Range Description

Dymacare Antibacterial Patient bathing range is a high-quality moist wipe/mitt/cap antibacterial bathing system, designed for preoperational and post-operational bathing, bedridden hospital, ICU and care home patients. It allows to perform a full body cleansing without needing tap water and basins, rinsing, and toweling. Designed for a single-patient use, it reduces the risk of cross-contamination. Dymacare Antibacterial Range helps to fight the spread of pathogens and offers residual effect lasting up to 24 hours.

Dymacare Patient Bathing Range is a quick and effective antibacterial bathing method, which can save time, is easy to follow and can reduce bathing costs significantly.

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Dymacare® Antibacterial Bed Bath Wipes

Dymacare® Antibacterial Bed Bath wipes

SKU: DY201
Wipes/pack: 10 wipes

Dymacare® Antibacterial Wash Mitts

Dymacare® Antibacterial Wash Mitts

SKU: DY401
Mitts/pack: 10 mitts

Dymacare Fragrance Free Bed Bath Wipes

Dymacare Fragrance Free Bed Bath wipes

SKU: DY301
Caps/pack: 1 cap

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